Brief Introduction

Well, here we are. A week later than planned, and a little haphazard, but still here.

I’m excited to announce that, due to personal circumstances – both good and bad – I’ve decided to spend the next year of my life traveling the world. I don’t have everything planned out yet – because planning a year just seems ridiculous at this point – but I know that I’m going to spend the first six or so months traveling around the US – going places that I haven’t been before (and some that I have), and trying to see everything that I can possibly see. After that, I’m heading to Europe!

My blog here is going to be a mix of different types of posts. Some of them are going to be about where I am, and what my favorite spots are where I am. Some will be somewhat more informative – dealing with things like how I’ve been managing my budget, where to get cheap tickets, how to live out of a carry-on, and other things along those lines.

I’ve also created an Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat that are all going to be connected to this blog, where I’ll be posting more details of where I am – and, very importantly, the pictures I’m going to take along the way. So if you want to see everything there is, check out my pages!

I always welcome interactions on all my different platforms, so feel free to drop me a line, send me a message, or leave a comment!

Next week, my post is going to be about the best music to listen to on a road trip. I would love for people to leave me comments about their favorite songs, albums, artists, and genres to listen to on the road. There will also be some further details as to when my adventure starts, and where I’m going first!

Instagram: @wander_writer

Twitter: @wander_write

Snapchat: wanderwrite

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