Fare Finders: Best Sites for Cheap Travel

From the moment that I first told people that I was going to start traveling all the time, I got one question from everyone: “How are you going to pay for it?” That’s a good question. Logically, a 21-year-old writer a year and a half out of college shouldn’t be able to afford traveling theContinue reading “Fare Finders: Best Sites for Cheap Travel”

When a 4 Hour Trip Takes 8…

Everyone who travels will tell you – you get into your fair share of trouble while you’re at it. I don’t know what about traveling long-term tempts fate so much, but when you’re on the road for a while, interesting things are bound to happen. And if you’ve been reading my previous posts, you’ll knowContinue reading “When a 4 Hour Trip Takes 8…”

New York City: The Pulse of America

I’m sure this will surprise exactly 0 of you, but I loved being in New York City. So much so that I went back again this week for three days. Well, that was actually because of an appointment, and not because I just really wanted to go. But it was fun nevertheless. I can’t evenContinue reading “New York City: The Pulse of America”

Travel Diaries: Road Trip

The first leg of my journey started in my home state of Minnesota, and led me and my closest friend on a road trip to the East Coast. The GPS told us that this trip (specifically, for me, from Saint Paul in Minnesota to Maryland) would take us an upwards of 15 hours to drive.Continue reading “Travel Diaries: Road Trip”

The Great Road Trip Playlist!

Approaching a 13-hour road trip this week, I knew that I had to design an amazing playlist to help the drive go by quicker. Of course – we also did things like: listen to podcasts and an audio book. But – honestly – we did spend a lot of the trip listening to music. Building aContinue reading “The Great Road Trip Playlist!”

Brief Introduction

Well, here we are. A week later than planned, and a little haphazard, but still here. I’m excited to announce that, due to personal circumstances – both good and bad – I’ve decided to spend the next year of my life traveling the world. I don’t have everything planned out yet – because planning aContinue reading “Brief Introduction”